Daniel Kaniewski, Ph.D.

Congress plays an important role in homeland security policy development and oversight of the Department of Homeland Security. The House Committee on Homeland Security and Senate Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Committee both play active oversight roles DHS, but numerous other congressional committees and subcommittees also participate in oversight functions. Daniel Kaniewski described the overlapping jurisdictions in several publications, including his recent op-ed on dysfunctional oversight in The Hill.

​​Homeland security policy

Daniel Kaniewski explains homeland security policy

​To understand how public officials develop, implement, and oversee homeland security policy requires knowledge of the institutions, processes, and people that comprise the homeland security community.  The focus is often the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), but other federal agencies (e.g. the Department of Defense), nongovernmental organizations, and state/local agencies also have substantial homeland security missions.

​This site aims to provide insights about the homeland security policy community, including the organizations engaged in homeland security policy formulation, analysis, and implementation. The site also provides information about homeland security policy jobs.

Dr. Daniel Kaniewski is well positioned to address challenging homeland security issues because of his significant experience in this field. Dr. Kaniewski began his career in homeland security prior to 9/11 and has served in senior positions at the White House, research institutes, and academia. Learnmore about Daniel Kaniewski's expertise in homeland security policy.